Our eco-friendly locker! – Italy

Our eco-friendly locker! – Italy

Erasmus goes on…

How to turn trash into treasure

What about the idea to turn trash into treasure? The Erasmus+ project “Let’s save the world” gave us a great idea! Two years ago a group of teachers from “Alighieri-Tanzi” school – Mola di Bari (Italy) decided to start a new experience: “The Eco-locker”.

All the students and teachers at school were invited to contribute to this activity bringing to school waste objects such as bottle caps, ribbons, paper sheets, clothes, pencils etc., that could be reused in school activities.

All these materials were collected, sorted and put in different labelled boxes. In a section of our “Eco-locker” you can find eco-news and critical eco suggestions.

Our fantastic “Eco-locker”



Day by day, the “Eco-locker” has been growing. At the moment its importance is increasing and school community considers it as a resource in all activities. The treasures it contains gave us the opportunity to organize some eco-friendly laboratory activities too. Reusing materials some students created different useful and pretty crafts.

This way waste materials are considered as a precious resource for school activities!

Carolina FRASCO

Enjoy the gallery of students’ creations:

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Project by Carolina Frasco, Sabrina Linsalata, Stefania Morelli (teachers), Aurora Addante (special education assistant). Special thanks to the students Katia, Dario, Giovanni and to the members of the school staff Francesca and Maddalena.


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The more you know, the more you respect – Italy

The more you know, the more you respect

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Living and discovering our territory

On 28th May 2018, students from “Alighieri-Tanzi” school in Mola (Italy) met the secondary school students from IISS “da Vinci-Majorana”- Mola.

The meeting was organized in order to give the opportunity to the older students to test the skills acquired in a three years training project as environmental and cultural guides. At the same time they could share the results achieved, giving the opportunity to our students to discover some aspects of Mola’s environment and history.

Birdwatching in Mola (by Cristiano Liuzzi – Avifauna molese):

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The presentations of the secondary school students was based on different topics:

– Posidonia oceanica
– Birdwatching in Mola
– Sea pollution and environmental issues
– Hypogean olive crushers
– The Medieval castle
– Don Pedro’s garden

Our young students were really impressed by some topics: they had never heard the name of the local artist Don Pedro, they had never visited his artistic garden and they had never seen all these birds in our town. Many of them couldn’t believe that the photos had been taken in Mola. The birdwatcher Cristiano Liuzzi, took them, after working for ten years.

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Discovering the richness of local biodiversity and some unknown aspects of Mola, students developped awareness on local environment and could become more conscious of their ecological footprint in daily actions.

At the end of the presentation-training “Alighieri-Tanzi” classes received a certificate of participation.

A really interesting educational experience!

Thank you to the secondary students, to their Science teachers Giovanna Dattolo and Eugenio Favia and to Antonella Berlen, the president of the local environmental association Legambiente Mola – “I Capodieci: dalla campagna al mare!”.

Carolina FRASCO (Italy)

Enjoy the photo-presentation:


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Elevator pitches to feed our planet – Italy

Elevator pitches to feed our planet

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When classes become “Green Teams”

In “Alighieri-Tanzi” school – Mola di Bari (Italy), four classes had an interesting experience, working as a green team, in order to find a solution to a specific problem which affects our planet. First of all they had to choose a topic to work on and, in a second moment, they had to discuss on it, to find a solution and make a synthetic presentation creating elevator pitches. Teachers and students agreed to work on a big problem of our society: “Food waste”, but nobody had never heard before the words “elevator pitch”! Both students and teachers did a research to understand better this kind of presentation. The results of this activity were really impressive. Each green team elaborated an original solution and presented it in the best way. This experience was important for both students and teachers because they all had the opportunity to reflect on a problem which affects everyday life and, at the same time, they discovered a new tool and a new way to present the results of a research.

Let’s have a look toward the future!

Let’s grow up together!

    Carolina FRASCO

Art teacher: Antonella LINSALATA

Here are some elevator pitches and the logo of the project:

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Click on the link to learn more about elevator pitches: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elevator_pitch

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It’s Christmas time: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! – Italy

It’s Christmas time:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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Eco-friendly Christmas ornaments

Every year Alighieri-Tanzi school in Mola di Bari (Italy) organizes school solidarity markets in order to improve solidarity in students and sustain humanitarian projects in the world. This year students and their families made Christmas decorations and crafts to support a tree planting program in Zimbabwe.

A group of students also decided to make eco-friendly Christmas ornaments reusing different materials. Old books, waste paper and recycled plastic bottles became fantastic Christmas trees and decorations for our school. This activity was really challenging: first of all students collected different materials, after they plan their own project and finally they tried to create their new decoration. Reusing paper and plastic they could experience different activities without wasting any materials.

This activity was really exciting!!!!

Here are some Christmas crafts and a tutorial.


Carolina FRASCO (Italy)

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Enjoy the tutorial:




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Mail art and water footprint – Italy

Mail art and water footprint

Erasmus goes on…

Italian students from “Alighieri-Tanzi” school in Mola di Bari had the opportunity to stress the importance of water resources and the need to save water, sending mails to Papa Francesco, to the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, and to many important Italian politicians.

To make their postal cards students went to the National Library in Bari, where they met students from other schools and artists-tutors from the Academy of fine Arts who gave them the opportunity to have a great time experiencing pop up and mail art techniques. To make their pop up they used different kind of materials such as recycled paper.

Some of their creations were really fantastic!

Here are the most significant moments of this activity:

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Enjoy the video with the best creations:


This way the Erasmus goes on and our students take more consciousness of the importance of water resources.

                                                                      Carolina FRASCO

                  Responsible for the project Petronilla LEPORE

                                               Foto by Antonella LINSALATA


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Eco-tourists working in order to save our planet – Italy

Eco-tourists working in order to save our planet  – Italy

A group of students from “Alighieri-Tanzi” school had a great time becoming eco-tourists in their town: Mola. This experience gave them the opportunity to discover the importance of the posidonia oceanica and develop awareness on local environment.

Here are the most significant moments of this experience:

Students’ activities started with a lesson on the importance of posidonia for our marine-coastal ecosystem. The lesson was organized by a group of students from the secondary school who had been working on this subject for different months. They also showed some handicraft products made by posidonia and its use in agriculture.

At the end of the lesson, the secondary students arranged a guided tour in order show our students how to preserve the posidonia on the coast. They collected plastic waste and they organized some games such as posidonia basket.


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At the end of these activities students enjoyed a delicious snack nearby the sea.

Now student’s perception of this question has completely changed: posidonia is no longer considered as a waste but as a resource.

Here is the 1o rules to follow for the correct management of posidonia residues:

Carolina FRASCO – Italy

This activity was carried out by the students of the secondary school “Da Vinci-Majorana” – Mola di Bari, the students of  secondary middle school “Alighieri-Tanzi” – Mola di Bari and  the local environmental association “Legambiente – Mola”


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Click on the photo to enjoy the presentation

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