Eco-tourists working in order to save our planet – Italy

Eco-tourists working in order to save our planet  – Italy

A group of students from “Alighieri-Tanzi” school had a great time becoming eco-tourists in their town: Mola. This experience gave them the opportunity to discover the importance of the posidonia oceanica and develop awareness on local environment.

Here are the most significant moments of this experience:

Students’ activities started with a lesson on the importance of posidonia for our marine-coastal ecosystem. The lesson was organized by a group of students from the secondary school who had been working on this subject for different months. They also showed some handicraft products made by posidonia and its use in agriculture.

At the end of the lesson, the secondary students arranged a guided tour in order show our students how to preserve the posidonia on the coast. They collected plastic waste and they organized some games such as posidonia basket.


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At the end of these activities students enjoyed a delicious snack nearby the sea.

Now student’s perception of this question has completely changed: posidonia is no longer considered as a waste but as a resource.

Here is the 1o rules to follow for the correct management of posidonia residues:

Carolina FRASCO – Italy

This activity was carried out by the students of the secondary school “Da Vinci-Majorana” – Mola di Bari, the students of  secondary middle school “Alighieri-Tanzi” – Mola di Bari and  the local environmental association “Legambiente – Mola”


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Click on the photo to enjoy the presentation

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The World Water day in Italy

From 22nd march to 22nd April, Alighieri-Tanzi Lower Secondary School took part in an exhibition at the National Library in Bari to celebrate the World Water Day 2017.
Here are some drawings made by our students and some quotes of the recital which took place in Bari on 29th March 2017.

(Click on the drawing to enjoy the presentation)

Carolina FRASCO

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International Day of Sport for Development and Peace in Greece

Students of the 4th Primary School of Nea Smyrni are today (April 6) mobilizing behind Peace and Sport’s #WhiteCard campaign as they celebrate the International Day of Sport Development and Peace. This campaign invites people to take pictures of themselves with white cards, since the white color represents peace, before sharing them on social media. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage International Federations, athletes, governments etc to develop sport-based initiatives around the IDSDP.

We also have to remark that the UN established the celebration of the specific International Day (IDSDP) as they recognize the contribution of sport and physical activity to education, human development, healthy lifestyles and a peaceful world.

(You may read more about #WhiteCard campaign on )






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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy 2017

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Erasmus+ team

click this link if you want to enjoy:

A recycled nativity scene from Italy




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The fourth mobility to Spain

The fourth mobility to Spain


The mobility to Spain lasted from Sunday 15th May to Friday 20th May. Italian, Polish and Greek partners arrived in Villena in different moments.

Some Spanish teachers and the host families were waiting to welcome the partners.

Day 1

The first day of the mobility started in Ruperto Chapi school with all partners having a brief tour in the school building and enjoying the special welcome several classes had prepared for them.


During the tour the partners had the opportunity to admire the wonderful Erasmus+ decoration all over the walls and the corridors of the school.

8 group

Afterwards, they visited Villena’s castle, the medieval area, the old town and the “Moors and Christians Festivity” museum.


Impressed by the interesting history of the city, they all walked to the City Hall, where the mayor was waiting for them to welcome and offer them some gifts.


In the evening the school headmaster welcomed the partners and the schools presentations took place. During the ceremony all the partners exchanged symbolic gifts from their own country and enjoyed a music performance by the school orchestra. Later they had a delicious Spanish snack prepared by the school Parents’ Association.

Day 1 album

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Day 2


On the second day of the mobility partners went on a trip to Elche where they visited the wonderful Municipal Park, full of different palm trees (approximately 250.000 trees!) and the impressive Basilica of Santa Maria.


Later partners went to Alicante and visited the castle of Santa Barbara.


In the afternoon teachers had an amusing guided tour to Chapi theatre and saw what happens in the backstage of each play and how the special effects work.

Day 2 album

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Day 3


On Wednesday morning, all partners went on a trip to Valencia. They strolled around the Old Town and had a thorough and really interesting tour.


At noon, the group reached the Valencian beach Playa de las Arena, where they were served a delicious Spanish lunch.


In the afternoon, partners visited the impressive Oceanographic, Europe’s largest aquarium, as well as the City of Art and Science, where they saw some strange but interesting metal constructions.


Day 3 album

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Day 4


On Thursday, the fourth day of the mobility, partners went to CEIP Ruperto Chapi where students participated in some classes’ activities and the teachers had a brief meeting.


After that, all partners left school to visit Villena’s archeological museum and admired the priceless Villena’s treasure.


In the afternoon a farewell ceremony took place in the school garden. Spanish students honored their guests by dancing traditional dances of the partners.


In the evening teachers, students and parents, had a late “meeting” in a restaurant where they enjoyed a delicious Spanish meals and danced modern and traditional Spanish dances. The whole celebration was organised and carried out by the Spanish host families.

Day 4 album

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Day 5


On Friday, the students participated in some classes’ activities and the teachers went to Biar, where the TV channel “Intercomarcal” is headquartered. There partners had the opportunity to talk about their experiences and present the Erasmus+ program on television.

 After the interview and a tour around the TV station studios, all partners returned to school to say goodbye to the Italian group.

Later in the evening, teachers met once again to attend a lyrical gala at Chapi theatre. It was a beautiful musical and choral show, worthy representative of the local culture.

On Saturday and Sunday the Polish and Greek groups left Villena. Several feelings overwhelmed everybody; hugs, kisses and tears were the main scenery. The last photos were taken and a last promise to keep in touch was given by everyone.

Day 5 and 6 album

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The fourth mobility to Spain was a great experience for both students and teachers. All partners lived the daily life of their Spanish partners and they all got to know the Spanish culture and the Spanish educational system. After working for two years in this project, partners got to know each other better, became familiar to each one’s culture and habits and the intimacy and the trust that were cultivated, helped so that the partners would experience an unforgettable last mobility.


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