Mail art and water footprint – Italy

Mail art and water footprint

Erasmus goes on…

Italian students from “Alighieri-Tanzi” school in Mola di Bari had the opportunity to stress the importance of water resources and the need to save water, sending mails to Papa Francesco, to the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, and to many important Italian politicians.

To make their postal cards students went to the National Library in Bari, where they met students from other schools and artists-tutors from the Academy of fine Arts who gave them the opportunity to have a great time experiencing pop up and mail art techniques. To make their pop up they used different kind of materials such as recycled paper.

Some of their creations were really fantastic!

Here are the most significant moments of this activity:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the video with the best creations:


This way the Erasmus goes on and our students take more consciousness of the importance of water resources.

                                                                      Carolina FRASCO

                  Responsible for the project Petronilla LEPORE

                                               Foto by Antonella LINSALATA


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